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My friend and Blogger is creating a site for us to know what to do in regards to issues of Cannbis Arrest for posession... worth checking out folks!!!!!


My endorsement:

I am a NC and World advocate of Legalising Cannabis for All purposes and peoples. Cannabis is a botanical herb that has been proven non toxic, and too many people have suffered incarceration for a harmless plant because we have had no defense. I am so proud to see a site willing to help educate, inform and provide us with the information we need to fight the unjust Cannabis Laws that have been imposed upon us by greed and ignorance. Keep up the great work.. the site is looking wonderful.. and I truly look forward to working with you on other ventures as well!!! Thanks to those caring enough to share this valuable information and help us in our fight to free Cannabis for the People.


Rebecca Forbes

CCC Executive Director

NC officer for Legalise Cannabis International


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