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APRIL 27, 2017 NC Women for Cannabis Lobby Day

Join NC Women for Cannabis in Raleigh for the 2017 "Educate to Legislate" campaign 💚 Grand Finale 💚 Thursday, April 27, 9 am - 3 pm!

Thursday, the 27th, will be a themed tabling event... a mock wake! NC WOMEN FOR CANNABIS IS GOING FOR THE VISUAL! NC lawmakers won't forget this one... and that would be the whole point! 😇

We will be located in the front two courtyards (1100 and 1200) of the Legislative Building and need reinforcements to help convey this powerful visual message to our lawmakers that MEDICAL CANNABIS SAVES LIVES and it's PROHIBITION COST LIVES!

Also, in the Legislative Building courtyards, NC NORML will be conducting an educational tabling event as well. THE PEOPLE'S HOUSE WILL BE TEEMING WITH CANNABIS ADVOCACY!

Come one! Come all! And wear black! 🖤 See you then!

P.S. We are looking to portray a good 'ole fashioned southern wake.

 ? Representative David R. Lewis @ (919) 715-3015 (Chairman of the Committee On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House where HB 185 sits.)

? Senator Bill Rabon @ (919) 733-5963 (Chairman of the Committee On Rules and Operations of the Senate where both SB 579 and SB 648 sits.)

? Representative Tim Moore @ (919) 733-3451 (Speaker of the House who doesn't care for our bills. But whether we like it or not, his opinion counts! Respectful please!)

? Senator Phil Berger @ (919) 733-5708 (President Pro Tempore of the Senate who doesn't care for our bills. But whether we like it or not, his opinion counts! Respectful please!)

? YOUR REPRESENTATIVE & SENATOR! Click here to see who your lawmakers are

 Questions? Email Rebecca Forbes @ [email protected]

The Coalition has endorsed and is currently taking donations for NC Women for Cannabis Legislative Events  to help with printing costs and travel for Panel Experts  to come speak to the NC Legislature and support our COMPANION 2017 Medical Cannabis Bills, H185,S648, and S579.



“Educate to Legislate” Medical Cannabis Campaign Launches in Raleigh

Should NC be the 29th State to Legalize Medical Cannabis?  74% of NC Says Yes![1]


Raleigh, NC:  Starting April 6, 2017, NC Women for Cannabis will host the Educate to Legislate Medical Cannabis Campaign at the People's House, 16 W Jones Street, Raleigh, NC 27601.  Patients, medical professionals, and advocates from throughout the state will be teaming up to endorse the companion bills, HB 185: Legalize Medical Marijuana and SB 579: The Catherine A. Zanga Medical Marijuana Bill.


Educate to Legislate Medical Cannabis Campaign Schedule

    1. April 6, 2017: Educational tabling 1100 courtyard. Citizen lobbying.
    2. April 12,2017 until following Monday Legislators are on Spring Break

              3.    April 20, 2017: Legislative building boots on the ground. Citizen lobbying.                 

              4.    April 24,25,26 Boots on the ground lobbying days before Crossover.

28 states and the District of Columbia have already legalized the medical use of cannabis.[2]  59.3% of the U.S. population now lives in a state that has legalized medical cannabis.  Reports from those states show:


    1. 25% reduction in opioid overdose deaths.[3]

              2.    Significant reduction in violent crime.  [4]

              3.    No increase in adolescent use.   [5]

              4.    A savings of $165,000,000 in Medicare Part D spending.[6]


It is time for North Carolina to join 28 States and Washington DC  in providing its citizens legal access to the safe, natural, healing medicine of whole plant cannabis by passing HB 185/SB579 into law.


The California Cannabis Coalition is a coalition of patients, caregivers, professional activists, and medical professionals dedicated to safeguarding America?s right to access cannabis legally and grow hemp which will save the planet. Our President and Founder is Craig Beresh of California. The Carolina Cannabis Coaliton is our first East Coast chapter created in 2011.

To bring people together to end cannabis prohibition.

The CCC is a public benefit non profit 501C-3 dedicated to ending cannabis prohibition, and public education campaigns.

CCC has successfully fought 6 city and county bans using the referendum process resulting in reversing bans on medical marijuana and helped to start 3 initiatives to end prohibition.

Contact Info:
Carolina Cannabis Coalition
Rebecca Forbes

phone: 919-219-5921

 Link to 2014 US Congressional Election Guide for those who want to know the skinny on who to vote for!!

 For Donations to the local North Carolina Coalition Chapter to help us with our vital work, please mail your donations to: Carolina Cannabis Coalition, 5025 Cokesbury Road, Fuquay Varina, NC 27526 or use our secure, verified paypal link on the bottom right of this page. Thank you for your donations and your support. The battle to End Prohibition is not free and by helping your grassroots activists, you are supporting the front lines. One Love.

  Hi Coalition Members!!! I had to take a break to fight what I now know was Diffuse and Follicular Large B Cell Lymphoma. Most of you know I exclusively used Cannabis oils since 2010 for the tumor I had on my kidney. Last Christmas 2013 two new tumors in my neck went into full flare. I switched the Cannabis oil I was taking to another method using coconut oil and during that time, finally broke down and consulted UNC for a biopsy. I told the Doctors what I took and they were shocked I was still alive because the diffuse Lymphoma I had usually kills within six months to a year, and I had been walking around with it since 2009. Good news is...I am alive and well, my Cannabis oil use is documented at both UNC and Duke Medicine whom I ended up choosing for chemotherapy for the diffuse in conjunction with many natural diet changes, a few supplements and of course, my Cannabis oil. I only had to do four chemo treatments, instead of the standard six, and my 90 day checkup Oct 1, 2014 was clear!!!! So I am on my way back and ready to update this site, a lot is going on, and get back to educating those that don't realize that Cannabis saves lives <3 One Love.... 

Your Leading Source for Cannabis/Hemp Legislation in the Carolinas

Carolina Cannabis Coalition
During the 2014 Legislative Short session I had an opportunity to speak with the Leader of the NAACP and the Moral Monday Protests about my experience with Cannabis and Cancer. He listened, but did he hear? I plan to schedule another meeting with him to present my Medical records and talk about it some more...........


Former NCCPN President/Now CCC Exec. Dir. in the News.

Click above to see latest broadcast of Rebecca Forbes and Joshua Cook. Chanel 9 WSOC TV. Nov. 2010


Thank you for your interest and your support into the vital issues that surround the Prohibition of Cannabis. Join the Coalition and be a part of the solution. On this home page are links to our facebook pages and other sites of interest. Please do your part to support the End of Cannabis Prohibition in the United States and the Carolinas. Thank YOU!


 Our mission is to be a common sense voice in the Carolinas to support changes in Cannabis/Hemp Legislation and Industry. All Carolina and any other citizens are invited to join and keep up with the latest on what is happening in regards to Medical , Industrial, and adult recreational use law. The Founder and Executive Director, Rebecca Forbes has been both politically and educationally active in NC for nearly two years now, as President of the NCCPN. To be more effective, she believes that the only way to true change is to End Prohibition, tax and regulate, and stop the insanity of the whole picture. Therfore, to approach the bigger picture and begin raising awareness to this now mainstream political and educational issue, she formed the Carolina Cannabis Coaliton to take a common sense look at the Prohibition of Cannabis/Hemp and all the issues surrounding it.

In just one week of founding, we were accepted into the ACC. by Craig Beresh, a man with 30+ years of experience and who recently overturned the San Diego Dispensary Ban that made history in this movement.Medical Cannabis is now legal in 21 States and Washington, DC. And we have two recreationally legal states, Colorado and Washington.  It is time for the Eastern United States and especially the Bible Belt South to come out of the ice age on this mainstream political and social issue. Get up to speed on what is soon to be one  of the largest cash crops in the United States.

  We hope to Unite and Educate our citizens to the value and necessity of Ending the Prohibition of this sacred seed and useful plant that no man or Govt. should have taken from us in the first place. The Drug War against this plant is an utter failure.. and our Org. will be the voice in the Carolinas to change it for ALL.

We are in the process of appointing Directors. Please contact me personally if you feel you have a passion for this issue, the education and skill to direct, and are willing to speak for the Org. in your area of expertise.

Please Donate to the Cause The War is not Free and if you follow my work over the last year and a half , I am a woman who will pound the highways to get this done.

Much love, waiting on the world to change.. WE can do this.. UNITED WE STAND

Thank you for your support,

Rebecca Forbes

 Board of Directors California Cannabis Coalition


Cancer Survivor

We are proud to be an official National Chapter of the American Cannabis Coalition. Update: American is forming a 501 C 3 status and will be operating as the California Cannabis Coalition. 
















The CCC fully supports the work of the NCCPN and the North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act written by Ben Scales, NCCPN Legislative Dir.  of whom she workied with over the past 17 months as their President and encourages membership with the Organization if you are a Medical Cannabis Patient, Doctor or Research Proffessional. for more info.



 Two brave NC groups made history by speaking at the 2012 National Democratic Convention Sept 4 - 7. The Carolina Cannabis Coalition and North Carolina Norml which hosted Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson. Video footage below. IKlxVgTizWs


The Coalition supports any and all Carolina Groups. Please send any event info for your group to [email protected] and I will add your event to the community Calender! United We Stand!

CANCER FEARS ME!.... The Coalition is proud to be the NC Representative for the Cash Hyde Foundation.

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The Coalition is currently taking donations to raise 250 dollars to assist Rebecca Forbes in getting to the International Drug Policy Alliance Conference to speak Oct. 11th due to sudden financial hardship.

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